Prof. Dr. Peter A. Schmitt Diplom-Übersetzer BDÜ, Tekom, SAE, VDI Technische Fachübersetzungen, Terminologie, Fachgutachten
Prof. Dr. Peter A. SchmittDiplom-Übersetzer BDÜ, Tekom, SAE, VDITechnische Fachübersetzungen, Terminologie, Fachgutachten

Price & Value

My promise is to provide a premium quality translation service at a reasonable price.


Please note that "reasonable" means "appropriate" rather than "cheap". Several national and international T&I market studies have been done under my supervision, so I know the market and prices. While I will certainly not try to attract business by undercutting prevailing market prices, translations done by me will have a price tag that is considered fair by my clients.


Please note also that, to me, “translation” is not word-for-word rendition into the other language. Depending on the project and the contract, the service I offer includes whatever it takes to produce a target-language document that meets your needs. Some sell this service as “transcreation”, “cross-cultural translation”, “document localization” or “intercultural technical writing”, and with some TSPs it incurs extra, often initially hidden, cost. 

Wherever possible, I try to offer a complete service package, with upfront specification of services and a final price.

  • My price calculation is governed by the effort needed to produce the translation. This includes, but is not limited to, parameters such as text volume (measured in characters, words or standardized lines), technicality, layout, external proofreading services (if any), and, as a consequence, the time I allocate to the project.
  • My fee is based on the source text. My service does not consist of typing characters, and my effort is not the physical effort of hitting keys (I might actually use dictation software), so there is no point in counting keystrokes in the translated document. My effort is the mental, intellectual process of solving the core problem: My clients have material in one language which needs to be translated into another, and I provide my time and expertise to help solve this problem.
  • My minimum fee is €220.00.
  • For all of the above, I find it impossible to specify prices here. Without seeing the source documents, all I can say is: It depends.
  • To get a specific, immediate, and reliable quote for your project, please contact me.
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